Best way to split a paragraph into sentences

…is to not use your own brain but rather ride on the shoulders of an expert. Surprisingly enough (for most), a popular ‘expert’ is Stanford CoreNLP.

Suppose you have the following paragraph (credit):

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk taught himself computer programming at the age of 12. He moved to Canada when he was 17 to attend Queen’s University. He transferred to the University of Pennsylvania two years later.

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60 Years Of Bollywood Part II

They are back on public demand! There first edition was so good that I spent one and a half hour transcribing it. So, have they bettered it this time? Well, this one is different–both in terms of focus and chords. The focus is on singing (what an incredible alaap on Roja song!). The chord progressions are a little different as well. I could see a lot of sharps and flats this time.

At some places, consecutive songs were so similar that they felt like the same song (not necessarily a good thing). Overall, a good second part, sung with difficult songs.

A great AI show-and-tell meetup at Knowlarity

It was a good day spent at the cute little offices of Knowlarity. Nice to see so many others working on genuine artificial intelligence projects, at a time when AI is primarily being used to create demo-only applications meant to impress potential enterprise clients.

I think our presentation-cum-demo on improving a webpage’s accessibility through automatic image captioning was well-received with the audience. It was the same presentation that we’d used in Web4All’s 2018 conference in Lyon, France earlier this year. Shivam deserves much of the credit.

More info about the project:

A special thanks to Gaurav Gandhi for organising the event so well.

P.S. I didn’t know there were corporate offices inside Ambience Mall!

My little improvement to an already great WordPress to Twitter plugin

I am blogging as much as I am tweeting these days. To keep the momentum going, I decided to link my blog with Twitter. I checked available plugins and instantly linked WP Twitter Auto Publish. It has a rating of 4.8 (with 130 ratings), which I think is great for a WordPress plugin. It’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time: pretty customizable, a lot of options. Posting of featured image along with post title/content has to be one of the best features.

I found one thing missing, though — the ability to automatically use post tags as tweet hashtags. Instead of writing to the developers, requesting them to add this feature and then waiting for a few days or weeks or months, I decided to hack plugin’s code myself. The result can be seen in my tweet generated by this post.

As the plugin is open-source, I have published my code changes to my GitHub. I have dropped a Slack message to the developer requesting him to merge.

P.S. WordPress plugin ecosystem is still based on SVN. Really?

Curse of the champions

It’s done. They are gone! With a heart heavier than a steamroller, I saw Germany bow out of the world cup yesterday. Didn’t we all see that coming? From the start of the tournament, we could all feel something was amiss in this German attack. It was far-far from its past “blitzkrieg” glory. The way they were casually playing yesterday and their sloppy passing clearly showed a lack of intent to win. It was as if they were out there to ensure a 0-0 draw, for some wierdo of a reason. No matter how bad I felt watching the world cup slip away from Germany, by the end I had made up my mind that they didn’t deserve to win. No, they didn’t.

Interestingly, my Airtel Digital TV monthly balance expired yesterday. As if the universe doesn’t want me to watch the WC any further. :p