Loading... Born a day after the American Independence in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, I've spent most part of my life there. Studied till 5th standard in St. Joseph's Convent School, Jalandhar, and later had to join Apeejay School, Jalandhar as, perhaps, the former school decided boys could be troublesome in a girls' school after 5th. After completing schooling in APJ (till 12th), joined National Institute of Technology [NITJ] (again, in Jalandhar) as a Computer Science & Engineering student in 2005. During the worst period of downtime (recession), got an on-campus placement in Accenture in 2008. Graduating from college took another year after that, and finally joined Accenture in mid-2009. This is my story so far... Btw, you can find me on: google+ twitter last.fm github librarything granular steam
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Tech enthusiast, open source evangelist, book worm, software developer, sports fan, passionate gamer, movie buff.
  • Saw #CaptainAmericaCivilWar yesterday. My first IMAX experience. First half was boring, second half was nice. My expectations were higher. —
  • Had been using @nodejs LTS 4.4 till now. Tried v6.2 today. Love the progress bar feature in npm install. Thank you very much! #node #npm
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Stuff I did in my free time or as small projects or just to test my capabilities.

UnJumble (Android)

UnJumble is a small, simple, neat and fast Android app that unscrambles jumbled English words. Unlike other similar apps in the Play store, there is no character limit on the input jumbled words. It’s a perfect companion for someone who loves solving jumbled-words games.

Website: https://github.com/anuragbhd/unjumble
Powered by: Android SDK, Java, SQLite


ShareNet is a centralized P2P-based multimedia file sharing application for the LAN that follows a client-server approach. The server monitors each client on the network and all the files shared between them (using a MySQL database). Currently supported file formats are: mp3, wma, wav, avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, mov, mp4, divx.

ShareNet was created as a major project in the final semester of college during my B.Tech degree. ShareNet was created with a view of satisfying the huge network sharing demands (primarily multimedia files) in college hostels in a more fast and efficient manner, though it can be used in almost any kind of situation.

Download: ShareNet.zip | ShareNet_source.zip
Powered by: Java, MySQL


MyBlog is a weblog engine, like WordPress, designed and developed from scratch primarily to offer good perfomance and faster loading times. The main idea behind developing MyBlog is not to compete with the other big weblog platforms, but to give you a light-weight blog with some exciting features.

Website: http://myblog.granularproject.org/
Powered by: PHP, MySQL

Granular Package Archive

It combines the functionality of MyBlog and ShareNet. I designed it for the specific purpose of providing the end-users of Granular with simple and colorful interface for browsing all the RPM packages that are available in the Granular repositories. Complete working is explained here.

Website: http://packages.granularproject.org/wolverine/
Powered by: PHP, Java, MySQL

Community Forum

I was required to create this as a project in my B.Tech 5th semester for Software Engineering lab. It’s intended to be a simple (and fast) forum system.

Website: http://www.anuragbhandari.com/sc/forum/index.php
Powered by: PHP, MySQL

Albums Database

Did this completely in my free time as a part of my practising jQuery.

Website: http://www.anuragbhandari.com/sc/albums/
Powered by: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL

Jumbled Words Game

A GUI game based on Python I did in my free time as a challenge to make something better than the “Anagrams” game that comes as a sample project in NetBeans for Java.

Website: http://www.anuragbhandari.com/2008/05/jumbled-words-game-in-python/
Powered by: Python, wxPython


A very simple password management tool. It aims to simplify the task of copy-pasting frequently used text, like usernames and passwords.

Website: http://www.anuragbhandari.com/2011/10/quickcopy-no-typing-that-password-again/
Powered by: C#, SQLite


Another of my free time exercises, Unjumble does just that – it unscrambles a jumbled/scrambled word into all possible English dictionary words that can be formed out of that jumbled word.

Website: http://www.anuragbhandari.com/2011/10/unjumble-you-wont-lose-that-jumbled-words-game-again/
Powered by: C#, SQLite

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