Loading... Born a day after the American Independence in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, I've spent most part of my life there. Studied till 5th standard in St. Joseph's Convent School, Jalandhar, and later had to join Apeejay School, Jalandhar as, perhaps, the former school decided boys could be troublesome in a girls' school after 5th. After completing schooling in APJ (till 12th), joined National Institute of Technology [NITJ] (again, in Jalandhar) as a Computer Science & Engineering student in 2005. During the worst period of downtime (recession), got an on-campus placement in Accenture in 2008. Graduating from college took another year after that, and finally joined Accenture in mid-2009. This is my story so far... Btw, you can find me on: google+, twitter last.fm github librarything granular steam
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  • Is Google+ facing an outage of sorts? #google #plus #down
  • My Moto E came with a promised Android upgrade. Some devices have received 5.1, mine is still stuck at 4.4. Come on, @Motorola! #EndlessWait
  • Ask me to write code and I'll do it blissfully. Ask me to write Excel sheets and I'll curse it a million times. #CodingLove #EstimationBlues
Oct 23

If, like me, you were born under the zodiac sign of The Web, and are a seasoned JSON-weilding web developer, MongoDB will amuse you like nothing. As weird as the name sounds, the actual usage experience is awesome because of its JSON-like commands.

And clubbed with meteor.js, it is nothing short of legendary.

It’s sweet!

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